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Faire un don à l'association LA RESERVE One of the first vocations the RESERVE is to bring the most volunteers, horse lovers and keen to preserve their wellbeing, to implement concrete actions to defend and protect the horse.

We need all field , in different regions, to collect information on the urgent needs, follow our daily actions, step by step, in order to share our progress to the community the preservation of the welfare of the horse (accompanying actions locally on behalf of the association RESERVE, photo reports and videos to social networks).

All small actions, aids and more generally all forms of support together will allow us to do great things in order to best help our friends the horses! Do not hesitate to make us all your suggestions and ideas in this direction ...

1. The role of whistleblower to respond to emergency
Unfortunately we are still seeing too often cases or mistreatment of horses persist and are recognized too late! (Insufficient food and drinking water, poor conditions and lack of care and comfort, box or unsuitable pens ...)

In order to act quickly and avoid lengthy and unnecessary suffering to these horses, the association RESERVE decided to set up a warning system in the country to to act quickly to emergencies, such as abuse of findings, needs new home for old or reformed horses of the races that may end up in the slaughterhouse, but also on rescue operations (horses distress as we have seen in the last episodes of flooding in France).

By consolidating and centralizing the case, we give an additional chance for these horses in need to intervene to provide them with fast and efficient solution.

Indeed we handle the formalities with the relevant services and authorities to prosecute all persons convicted of child abuse, but we also manage the new life of rescued horses (veterinary care, adequate food, and new home owner).

We can quickly relay through the very important support of our partners on the social network Facebook, and Passion RIDING HORSES VIDEOS, (over 400,000 fans for both pages) any information or proven cases of abuse, but also more specific needs, always with the idea of ​​the defense and protection of the horse (financial assistance for fodder, for example).

But this initiative can be put in place without relay, you, your comments and testimonials every day on the ground.

We are looking for people willing to help us in this process and ensure that emergency service for horses. To join us in this adventure and help improve the lives of horses in need, you can contact us in various ways:

a) Send us an email at the following address:
b) By phone at this number: (Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h)
c) By mail to the following address Association RESERVE - The bobet - 69770 Chambost-Longessaigne.

2. Supporting existing associations
One of the priorities of the association RESERVE is to provide financial support to defense associations and horse protection already in the field and be able to act effectively to the needs and priorities for the welfare of horses.

These needs are many as the regulation of veterinary costs, the need for transport to replace horses, forage and straw, not put up paddock suitable for horses (without wire!) ... So we decided to create a support fund to finance these associative needs.

For this we need two things:

1. Knowing these needs and thus be able to determine priorities based on a single criterion, first the emergency, then the daily living needs.
We'll start with the associations an SEO proposal in a given base established for this purpose.

To join this database as an association, you have three ways:

a) Send us an email at the following address:
b) By phone at this number: (Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h)
c) By mail to the following address Association RESERVE - The bobet. - 69770 Chambost-Longessaigne

2. Constitute the support base:

We offer mainly three ways to help us create this associative support background:

. Take an annual membership fee (25 euros)
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. Donate online (from 1 euro)
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. Buy on the online shop of original creations
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All funds are fully dedicated to the operation and tasks of the association.


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